Yesterday, I told me sister that I posted my first blog.  I briefly told her the subject and the first thing she said was, “You need a job”.  I just laughed while also thinking, “That’s what I have been trying to do for the past month”.  I’ve been applying for federal jobs and looking at college catalogs, for what seems like forever.  She’s aware of all of this because I talk to her about school and various jobs just about every other day.  So I guess that’s why she felt compelled to give me an offer that I “almost” could not refuse. 

    My wonderful sister asked me to be her personal assistant!  Now you see, my sister is a first year law student at Charolette School of Law.  She is very busy at times.  She attends class, studies at night, work part-time, and juggle the responsibility of being a mom to a son that’s into sports.  But I am about 360 miles away from her and I don’t think I will be a good assistant even if she only wants me to make various phone calls for her and all for free.  Sounds simple right? I wish it was but it wouldn’t be simple at all.  I know my sister and I would probably have to call the same company or person a million times before I obtain ALL the information that she may need.  And even though, my current AT&T U-Verse package offers free long distance phone calls and I have plenty of daytime minutes with Sprint to make the calls, I still had to decline my wonderful sister’s loving job offer.

My Sprint Evo Shift — minus the hot pink cover 🙂
    So after we laughed through just about the entire conversation, I propositioned her with a counter-offer.  I told her that after she finish Law School, pass the Bar Exam, and begin to establish her own Law Firm then I will help her any way possible for free, UNTIL she can offer me a salary.  Who knows, I may finally decide to go to Law School myself and then we could become partners in a Law Firm.  Who know what the future may bring.But as of right now…I think I will continue on my current path.  So there it is folks, I turned down my first job.